The district Kasganj (Former Name as Kanshi Ram Nagar) was formed on 17th Apr 2008 by carving out Kasganj, Patiali and Sahawar Tehsils from Etah district. Initially, the district was named after a politician, Kanshi Ram. Sant Tulsidas born in the district and Amir Khusro also belongs to Patiali tehsil of the district. Popular area of the district includes Soron, Patiali, Nadri etc.
The town has got a prominent geographical feature in the shape of Kali River. The river originates in Doon Valley and merges with Hindon River in Ghaziabad which subsequently merges with holy river Yamuna. The Kali River has also got two canals which pass over the river through the two bridges specially made for this purpose. This is a sort of modern civil architectural wonder which attracts some curious onlookers from and around the town to witness and marvel this piece of engineering. There are so many temples and other holy places in this city that it will take a long time to cover all. Some of them are Someshwar Mahadev, Manas Mandir, Parshuram Mandir, Barah Bhagwan Mandir, Syam Barah Mandir, Raghunathji Mandir, Bhuteshwar Mahadev, Batuknath Mandir, and Shri Ganga Mata Teli Wala Mandir. There is an ancient Raghunathji Mandir of lord Ram. 130 kg brass bell Soron is also a well known pilgrimage spot.
Soron is also known as SHUKAR KSHETRA. Devotees travel to this city to pay respect to the almighty and seek blessings. Soron is believed to be the birth place of great Indian poet TULSI DAS who had composed RAMCHARITMANAS in the praise of lord Ram. Near the kund of soron there is a very famous temple of Lord Hanuman which is popularly known as Shree LADOO WALE BALAJI. Near this temple is shree VARAHA BHAGWAN’s temple. According to the mythological stories, it is believed that demon Hiranyaksh stole the earth and hide it in the kund of Soron. God Vishnu then took the incarnation of Varaha, killed the demon and restored the earth to its original place. Thus, this temple was built to commemorate the victory of good over evil. Soron is basically a holy place. Many temples are situated here and the people mainly from Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and many parts of India come here to visit the temples.
Also, There is a bridge on river Ganges named Kachhla which is situated 12 km away from Soron in the Budaun district which is a very famous place, people come here to take bath on holy Ganges.