Culture & Heritage

The culture and heritage of Kasganj are very ancient. Kasganj has its own cultural and historical importance.

It belongs to the Lord Vishnu’s Great incarnation of Varaha. According to the mythological stories, it is believed that demon Hiranyaksh stole the earth and hide it in the kund of Soron. God Vishnu then took the incarnation of Varaha, killed the demon and restored the earth to its original place. Thus, this temple was built to commemorate the victory of good over evil.

Saint Tulsidas born in the district and Amir Khusro also belongs to Patiali tehsil of the district.

Many fairs like Kakora Fair, Bhimsen and Nav Durga fair is organized here annually. Many devotees participate with devotion. Soron development block of the district plays host to an Animal Fair. All types of animals are traded here. The best breeds of horses and camels are traded. Margshirsh Ekadashi fair is very famous. Many people come to take baths in the holy Har Ki Paurhi.

Also, There is a bridge on river Ganges named Kachhla which is situated 12 km away from Soron in the Budaun district which is a very famous place, people come here to take bath on holy Ganges.