Kanshiram Nagar District Official Website

Details of MP

Name Constituency
Shri Rajveer Singh MP ETAH Constituency

Details of MLA

Name Constituency
Shri Devendra Singh Rajput MLA Kasganj
Shri Devendra Singh MLA Amanpur
Shri Mamtesh Shakya MLA Patilyali
District Magistrate: Shri K Vijayendra Pandian (I.A.S) Phone 05744-247482,(Camp Off/Res),247483(Office) Fax- Email :- dm-krn@nic.in

Contact Information:
District Informatics Officer,
National Informatics Centre,
Nagar Palika Compound,
Soron Gate,
Collectrate, Kasganj, U.P.

District Profile
Acts and Rules
Citizen Services


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